Why try online dating?

It's in 2019. Get rid of the idea that online dating is a disgrace. Although people will judge you differently depending on the type of dating site or app you use. That's really hard to ignore.

But let's get serious: in 2020, if we can use online dating sites and apps to meet new people, why not? To be sure, some people still think that bars are good places for dating. But fewer and fewer people think so. Watch the growth of online dating sites today. You will realize that times are indeed different.

I don't know anyone today who doesn't have a profile on a dating site or app. 'Swipe right' has become the norm.

But there are many concerns about online dating.

For example, when you sit face to face together, do you talk as if you were on the Internet? First meeting usually brings some anxiety. This makes the first date seem like an investment.

And everyone has their own concerns. Am I not the same as my photo? What does this person think of me? This person does not behave the same way when chatting online...

But good results can only be achieved by taking risks. No one is an idiot forever, and everyone is responsible for the decisions they make.

The process of finding love is a long run. Some people give up halfway, some people join halfway. Each person's destination is different, the starting point is not the same. Whether it's the first date or the thousandth, you may feel the urge to give up, but it's only through experience that you're likely to reap the rewards. Even if it's just an experience.

Be open to online dating. Success or failure, it is so simple and joyous.

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