Why Am I Bisexual? What to do next?

what to do if I am bisexualThat's a confusing query for every bisexual individual especially for young. Some people believe it's innate. Everyone is born with his own orientation rather than acquired. This is undoubtedly a very irresponsible statement. This includes the idea that orientation is influenced by heredity. But as long as the in-depth analysis and research, the reason can be clear. There's another interesting way of saying it. Human orientation is fluid and includes sexual aspects. People who are bisexual simply have one more appreciative gender than those who are generally defined as another one. In the ancient lack of favorable material conditions, reproduction is the first need. So usually men and women are socially accepted groups. There have also been glorious periods in history. In those times, social productivity was significantly higher than at other times. This allows the upper class to have more options for enjoyment. In some areas, the homosexual was considered elegant. Therefore, some people think that sexual orientation is not fixed, and people's orientation always changes with social conditions and ideology.

Now that I know I'm bisexual, what do I do?

why an I bisexualFirst, you need to accept yourself completely. It sounds simple, but it's not just bisexual. Most people can't do it. Some are still going forward, but others are going backward. Just because you say it out loud that you are bisexual doesn't mean you accept yourself. Being able to accept yourself subconsciously is the key. Many young people who have just realized they are bisexual are filled with trepidation. Fear of being discovered and judged. This is not only an environmental problem but also our own. You may think this is too strict. But in a world of prejudice and short-term obsession, making yourself better is the only way to do it.

How to deal with other people's judgments?

We are afraid to admit because we are afraid of prejudice. It's a great way to protect yourself. But sometimes things leak out. Here I suggest not to use too strong attitude. There is a saying that words are more powerful than swords, and I think it is true in this case. There is a lot of smears and prejudice about homosexuality and bisexuality. But the good news is that the world is becoming more open. The word bisexuality is increasingly being used, and in some areas, it is no longer considered shameful. Above all, be yourself.

Find a partner

how to find bisexual partnerThere are many online communities and even local communities in some towns. This is no doubt a very good phenomenon, but it also shows that the public consciousness is not open enough. At the very least, you can easily find the bisexual community and meet other people like you online.

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