What do I need to do after registration?

Usually, you will be asked to fill in some personal information or answer some questions. Of course, most of this can be skipped. Then finally complete the registration process, entered the user interface. What's next?

»First, you need to enrich your personal information. One of the most important is your photo.

Now you may be ready to upload a beautiful or handsome selfie. But notice, 90 percent of people think that way. Such photos are great, why else would so many people take selfies? But if you want to get more attention first, we have better advice. Use a photo of yourself doing something you love. Your focus and expression will add more points to your score. We can see how much this guy loves what he's doing. That's why focused people are cooler.

For more on how men choose attractive profile pictures, read this: How to Make Male Profile Pictures More Attractive

»Secondly, about personal information. If you don't like to fill in too much, it's enough to fill in the key parts.

So what's the key part? Information that allows others to recognize who you are. Information that shows your personality and hobbies. Most importantly, what you want.

The rest of the information can be skipped, and that's just for ancillary purposes. If you want to write less, stop joking and turn left.

»Finally, be proactive and patient. Reaching out to others leads to a higher chance of success. Being patient will help you feel less strongly after a setback. Since such a long time has passed, why rush for a moment and a half?

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